Securing Building Permit


  • Lot Title/Deed of Sale/Lease contract (if under leased)
  • 5 sets Building Plans (Architectural, Structural, Sanitary/Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical)
  • Bill of Materials & Cost Estimates
  • 4 copies of Latest Tax Declaration & Certificate of Real Property Tax Payment
  • Duly Filled-Up application Forms (building, sanitary/plumbing, electrical, mechanical)

Follow these steps

Please Approach

1.       Secure Building Permit Application Forms

Ask for Building Permit Application Forms with the list of requirements

MEO Staff
2.       Secure 1st Endorsement from the Mayor’s Office

Present the plans and the required supporting documents for issuance of 1st endorsement  

Myrna B. Lumabas

Admin Officer IV

3.       Submit the Necessary Requirements

Submit the plans and the required supporting documents and clearances to the MEO for Evaluation

MEO Staff
4.       Technical staff in-charge will conduct site inspection MEO Staff
5.       Evaluation and Assessment

Engineer evaluates and assesses actual project against building plans and related documents

Municipal Engineer
6.       Inquiry of the Status of Application

Inquire about the result of evaluation and assessment of one’s  application

MEO Staff
7.       Returned Plans and Documents (OPTIONAL, if there are no deficiencies, proceed to Step # 10)

Receive the plans and documents for correction, if there are deficiencies found in the plans and pertinent documents

MEO Staff
8.       Submit Lacking Documents/Corrected Plans

Submit the lacking documents/corrected plans to the staff of the Building Officials for review

MEO Staff
9.       Review of Plans/Documents

The technical staff reviews the submitted corrected plans and the completeness of documents for processing.

Municipal Engineer
10.   Issuance of Order of Payment

Receive the Order of Payment if the application is found to be complete and in order

11.   Submit Official Receipt

Go back to the Office of the Building Official and submit the official receipt

MEO Staff
12.   Processing Permits

Building Official’s staff processes the plans and pertinent documents for final approval of the Building Official

MEO Staff
13.   Approval of Permit

Building Official approves the Building Permit

Municipal Engineer
14.   Release of Permit

Receive the approved permit after one (1) day from submission of the official receipt

MTO Staff