Commodity prices

Prices of commodities depend on the availability of supply and the degree of need in the area. For example, when the supply of rice is sufficient, it costs P350.00 per sack of 25 kilograms. However, if the supply in the market were limited, prices would tend to go as high as P600.00 per sack of 25 kilos. Prices of fruits and vegetables too vary depending on their availability and abundance.

The use of weighing scale in selling fishes and other marine products like shells is not practiced in the market. These goods are sold in small group called “tapok” in the local dialect, not by kilo. Prices range from as low as P20.00 per tapok depending on the type of fish. The same is true with locally produced vegetables and fruits.

Other dry goods like canned goods, coffee, sugar, and soap are sold with prices depending upon the cost incurred in acquiring them.

Likewise, hardware and other products are sold as practiced in the market.