Economic Services
  • Banking Institutions

There are four (4) existing banking institutions in Bongao municipality that cater to the banking needs not only of the residents in the area but the entire Tawi-Tawi Province. They are: Land Bank of the Philippines, Allied Banking Corporation, Philippines National Bank and Metro Bank.

Land Bank of the Philippines is located at DatuHalun St. fronting Notre Dame of Bongao main campus. It is a government-owned bank that provides credit assistance to government employees as well as active cooperatives in the province besides being depository to all its clients.

The Philippine National Bank is located along Ridjiki St., Bongao, Tawi-Tawi. Like Land Bank, it also extends credit assistance to its depositors and credible organizations for productive purposes.

Allied Banking Corporation is along DatuHalun St., Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.

Metro Bank is located at Awwal St, Poblacion, Bongao, Tawi- Tawi.

  • Economic Activities

Wholesaling and retailing of prime commodities and other manufactured goods from both ZamboangaCity and Manila is the main commercial activity in Bongao. Other goods being traded in the town also come from Sabah, Malaysia via the backdoor route. These goods include rice, cooking/vegetable oil, junk foods, and even refined sugar.

There are 9 cargo liners that bring in commodities being traded; meanwhile goods coming from Sabah, Malaysia are transported through motor launches locally called as “lansa” or “kumpit.