Bongao Sangguniang Bayan


Issuance of People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB) Clearance (PNP Enlistment Application)


  • Assets and Liabilities
  • Court Clearance of Non-Pending Case
  • Official Receipt
  • Properly filled-up Personal Data Sheet
Follow these steps Please Approach
1.       Present Requirements SB Staff
2.       SB staff checks documents submitted SB Staff
3.       Preparation of clearance SB Staff
4.       Interview of the client Florian Mayor

Stenographer, Reporter IV

5.       Photocopying of clearance SB Staff
6.       True copy certification of photocopied clearance SB Staff
7.       Signing of photocopied clearance Ma. Vema Gaticales
8.       Recording and filing of clearance SB Staff
9.       Release of clearance SB Staff