Securing Assessment for a New Building or Machinery


  • Letter Request
  • Blueprint of the approved building plan
  • Photocopy of occupancy

Follow these steps

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1.       Request for the Service Inform MAO staff regarding the request for approval by the MAO MAO Staff
2.       Site Inspection MAO staff, along with the client, conducts an inspection to assess the value of the new building or machinery. A Field Appraisal Assessment Sheet (FAAS) is prepared. MAO Staff
3.       Preparation of Tax Declaration MAO computes the floor area (for buildings), and determines market and assessed valuation.

The following are then prepared:

a.       FAAS

b.      Tax Declaration (TD)

c.       Property Record Form (PRF)

MAO Staff
4.       Processing Tax Declaration MAO evaluates and signs the TD and FAAS

Tax Mapping Team Leader records the transaction in  the Tax Mapping Control  Roll (TMCR)

Assessor reviews the updated TD

Applicant goes to MTO for payment of RPT

Assessor approves and signs the TD

Client proceeds to Provincial Assessor’s Office (PAO) for

Issuance of TD Number and signature of the PAO

MAO Staff




MAO Staff

MAO Staff