• Prospective Tourist Attractions

The Municipality of Bongao is endowed with numerous white sandy beaches, which if given proper attention would turn out to be attractions that will invite an influx of tourists to the area. These are: Kasulutan Beach, Pasiagan Beach, Sanga-Sanga Beach, Pababag Beach, and Tango Beach.

BongaoPeak with an estimated altitude of 900 feet above sea level is a monkey sanctuary with a hundred steps to go. This is good for mountain climbers and adventure seekers. Besides, Bongao Peak is known to be sacred that for very important step you take in life, it has been believed that the mountain could help your make it.

Mussa Cave located at 120 feet underwater of Barangay Pahut has started gaining attention to scuba divers and enthusiasts. Huge solitary lobster, soldier fish and grunts guard its winding route crafted from boulders and sandy bottom.

The historical Bolobok Cave in Barangay Lakit-Lakit is also an attraction to historians and anthropologists.

  • Tourist Accommodations

Three hotels could accommodate tourists that visit in Bongao. These are: 1) Beachside Inn and Restaurant at Suwangkagang situated along the shorelines of Suwangkagang. It has open and cozy space with an area that could serve as venue for trainings and seminars as well as special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Outside are some dining tables for small groups. Its restaurant offers native delicacies and other menu to guests as ordered. Its air-conditioned rooms have television sets. It is accessible by tricycles and private transport facilities as it is located along the road. 2) Rachel’s Place at Lamion is a two-storey building with air-conditioned rooms. It has a restaurant at the ground floor conducive for parties, meetings and seminars. It is located along the highway fronting DatuHalunSakilanMemorialHospital and can be reached in twenty minutes from the municipal wharf or twenty-five minutes from the airport. 3) Ester’s Hotel is a small but most accessible place as it is located at the second floor of the building in front of the Notre Dame of Bongao main campus. It has a small restaurant at the mezzanine and its rooms are air-conditioned. The place is near the SMART, LBC, banking institutions and stores since it is located at the heart of the Poblacion. 4)Almari Beach Resort is located at Barangay Pahut, Bongao, near Silisad Beach.

  • Traditional Arts and Cultural Activities

Guests and visitors coming to Tawi-Tawi are usually met with native ambience. Receptionists wear colorful native attires and performing artists usually entertain them with graceful native dances accompanied by the tune of native instruments.

Special occasions like Bongao Day and Muslim holidays like HarirayaEidilFitri and MauluddinNabi are also celebrated with traditional and cultural presentations like contests in native dances and songs participated by local talents.

Also, academic institutions have their cultural troups to preserve the Sama culture and tradition.

  • LGU income from and services for tourism

Tourism program of the local government of Bongao at present has not been implemented yet. In fact, tourism has not contributed to the increase of LGU’s local revenue in the past three (3) years. Guests and visitors come and visit its tourist spots like Bud Bongao, its beaches, and scuba diving areas for free with transportation and guide services provided.