Official Logo Of Municipality of Bongao

Vision Statement:


Bongao as socio- economic growth center of Tawi-Tawi practicing transparent and accountable governance with empowered diverse citizenry a

nd disaster-resilient communities that live harmoniously in a well-balanced environment.

Mission Statements:

  • sustain the strategic roles of Bongao as the leading LGU in Tawi-Tawi characterized by diversely vibrant economic activities vis-à-vis focused environmental protection and conservation;
  • trigger a dynamic and corporate transformation towards collective responsibility in the institutionalization of effective, responsive, accountable and transparent governance;
  • improve, institutionalize continuous pursuit for improvement as systems required in all mandated frontline service delivery;
  • install common set of values in all HR levels;
  • institutionalize performance and services feed backing mechanisms as basis for continuous improvement initiatives.