Assessment of Real Property Taxes


  • Copy of latest Real Property Tax Declaration
  • Photocopy of latest Real Property Tax payment/official receipt
  • Survey Plan duly signed by a Geodetic Engineer
  • Photocopy of Land Title/Certified True Copy of Land Title from the Registry of Deeds

Follow these steps

Please Approach

1.       Computation of Real Property Tax Present the requirements to assigned MAO staff MAO Staff
2.       Verification of Requirements MAO Staff
3.       Computation of Assessed Value MAO Staff
4.       Checking of Computation of Assessed Value & other Entries by the MAO MAO Staff
5.       Payment of fees at the Municipal Treasurer’s Office by  the client MAO Staff
6.       Municipal Assessor signs the Tax Declaration MAO Staff
7.       Recording and Filing MAO Staff
8.       Client proceed to the Provincial assessor’s Office for  issuance & approval of Tax Declaration (TD) Number MAO Staff